Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Solutions 3 respects your personal information and this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains how we handle it. We have adopted this Policy to ensure that we collect and manage personal information about individuals in a responsible, sensitive, and compliant manner.

The Policy is consistent with the Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles and other federal and state legislation with which we are required to comply.


2. Types of Personal Information Collected

In the course of Solutions 3 supply of goods and services, personal information will be provided to us by customers.

This may include, but is not limited to: name, residential address, phone number, signature, email address, postal address, occupation, banking, finance or loan details (as part of contractual agreements), other personal information you provide as deemed necessary in the completion of a quote and/or contractual agreement, information relating to your preferences, information pertinent to market research insights (such as your experience with Solutions 3 and/or feedback provided on customer surveys) and any contact tracing information required to be recorded in line with government guidelines during the management of Covid-19.


3. How Personal Information is Collected

We may collect personal information about you in a number of ways, including:

• Asking for all or part of the information to be provided by you to Solutions 3 verbally.

• Asking for all or part of the information to be provided by you to Solutions 3 in writing or electronically, including via our website and social media pages.

• Through our website ( we may collect details about your electronic access of the website, including the IP address, browser type, date and time of access and information pertaining to page visitation on the website.


4. How Personal Information is Used

Personal information that we collect will be used as is necessary for Solutions 3 to:

• Provide you with goods or services

• Administer the provision of goods and services as part of our relationship with you

• Inform you of relevant information and marketing messages as part of your relationship with Solutions 3

• Undertake internal organisational analysis of customer data

• Satisfy legislative/regulatory obligations, and as authorised and required by law.

In the course of supplying goods and services, personal information supplied to Solutions 3 may be disclosed to third parties engaged by us, including suppliers involved in the provision of the goods and services, and administrative suppliers, such as digital marketing agencies.


5. Disclosure of Personal Information

Solutions 3 collects and retains personal information in a discreet and confidential manner consistent with the legislation and principles outlined in Clause 1. Personal information held by Solutions 3 will not be provided to any other person or organisation, for any purpose, nor will it be used for any other purposes than those outlined in this Policy, except when a person for whom personal information is held consents to the use and disclosure of information held about them. Personal information will also be disclosed as required by law, regulation or as part of Covid-19 contact tracing as per government guidelines.


6. Accessing Your Personal Information

You can access your personal information held by Solutions 3 (as is permitted by law) by contacting our Privacy Officer as outlined in Clause 8.


7. Resolution of Privacy Concerns

If you are concerned about the use of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer to discuss, resolve and reach the required outcome. Solutions 3 takes the privacy of our customers very seriously and will always work with you to remedy any concerns. If the matter cannot be rectified, the issue can be referred to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (refer to


8. Privacy Officer Contact Details

The Privacy Officer

Solutions 3
Mailing Address: 1-3 Ventura Place, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175
Phone: 03 9889 8937