Achieving high quality outcomes in learning facilities

We specialise in construction and refurbishments of schools, museums, and playcentres, delivering optimal outcomes for the Education sector. Our focus on value ensures satisfaction for all stakeholders involved, contributing to the enhancement of educational environments and experiences.

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Live site experts

We emphasise the significance of privacy and safety, coordinating our schedule and activities to match your operational requirements. Our team excels at guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your staff, students, and the general public, going above and beyond to meet their needs.

With a mindful approach to the your business’ ongoing operations, we aim for smooth integration while upholding a superior level of care and respect throughout the project.

Quality assurance and Project management

Our mature Quality Assurance Management System and rigorous end-to-end project management ensure optimal outcomes for projects, regardless of complexity. We balance this with flexibility, accommodating innovation and change to continually enhance project delivery. This approach ensures adaptability and excellence, allowing us to meet evolving needs and exceed expectations consistently.

Compliance and Safety

Our compliance record is impeccable, and we always comply with all contractual and statutory obligations.

Our commitment to safety is equally rigorous and involves training, project reviews, inspections, and upgrades to safety systems and methodologies. All of our employees receive regular training to ensure they understand and adhere to our Quality Assurance and project management systems, safety systems, and relevant legislation and regulations.

Case Study
Kingswood College

Case Study
Kingswood College

Kingswood College
$1 million
Box Hill, Victoria
Whitehorse City Council
5 months
Refurbishment of amenities


The project entailed working within a live building environment throughout the school year, posing challenges regarding timing and coordination. One of the significant tasks involved removing the ground floor structure while the first floor remained in active use, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure safety and minimise disruptions to ongoing activities.


We engaged consultants to identify and resolve any problems prior to commencement, and had a dedicated internal team onsite to make sure everything ran smoothly and be available to the school. We detailed rigorous programming and procurement methodologies prior and during project, ensuring operations were efficient. We maintained a full-time onsite presence to keep things on track and resolve with any access issues quickly.