Tailored built solutions
for retirement living environments

Leveraging our extensive operational experience and trusted network of supporting businesses and partners, we ensure all projects are delivered punctually, within budget, and up to the high-quality standards our valued clients expect. Each of our 2400 completed Independent Living Unit (ILU) projects has yielded optimal outcomes for the Retirement Living sector.

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Live site experts

We fully understand the critical importance of privacy and safety, and our scheduling and operations must be meticulously designed to align with yours. Our team is highly skilled in prioritising the safety and convenience of your residents, patients, and staff.

We are committed to comprehensively understanding their needs and ensuring their comfort, providing optimal outcomes with minimal disruption.

Quality assurance and Project management

Our mature Quality Assurance Management System and rigorous end-to-end project management ensures that we deliver optimal outcomes regardless of how simple or complex your project might be.

We balance this with flexibility that accommodates innovation and change in order to continually improve our project delivery outcomes.

Compliance and Safety

Our compliance record is impeccable, and we always comply with all contractual and statutory obligations.

Our commitment to safety is equally rigorous and involves training, project reviews, inspections, and upgrades to safety systems and methodologies. All of our employees receive regular training to ensure they understand and adhere to our Quality Assurance and project management systems, safety systems, and relevant legislation and regulations.

Case Study
Cumberland View

Case Study
Cumberland View

Cumberland View
$10+ million
Wheelers Hill, Victoria
City of Monash
10 year ongoing relationship


Our ongoing relationship with Cumberland View is characterised by swift turnaround times, spanning from resident purchase to the settlement of existing property.

Throughout, personalised resident scopes and products are meticulously tailored to meet the internal requirements of the facilities. Importantly, strict adherence to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards and compliance with trade movement protocols are upheld, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.


We rigorously adhere to agreed budget and costing programmes, ensuring financial accountability and alignment with established parameters. Using standardised fixtures, products, and schedules enhances operational efficiency and consistency across projects.

Comprehensive KPI reporting facilitates informed decision-making and accountability. Moreover, our dedicated delivery teams undergo thorough training to uphold quality standards and meet project deadlines with precision.