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We specialise in refurbishments of clinics and healthcare buildings and infrastructure, prioritising optimal outcomes for the Healthcare sector. Our expertise ensures solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of healthcare facilities, delivering value for all stakeholders involved in improving patient care and well-being.

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Live site experts

We get it — your team, patients, and partners come first. That’s why we make sure our schedule and operations fit around yours. Our team is all about looking out for their safety and convenience, going that extra mile to accommodate their needs and that of your facility.

And when it comes to working on your building, we’re all about blending in smoothly, working sensitively to the existing building’s operations, while keeping up the highest standards of care and consideration every step of the way.

Quality assurance and Project management

Our mature Quality Assurance Management System and rigorous end-to-end project management ensure optimal outcomes for projects, regardless of complexity. We balance this with flexibility, accommodating innovation and change to continually enhance project delivery. This approach ensures adaptability and excellence, allowing us to meet evolving needs and exceed expectations consistently.

Compliance and Safety

Our compliance record is impeccable, and we always comply with all contractual and statutory obligations.

Our commitment to safety is equally rigorous and involves training, project reviews, inspections, and upgrades to safety systems and methodologies. All of our employees receive regular training to ensure they understand and adhere to our Quality Assurance and project management systems, safety systems, and relevant legislation and regulations.

Opening a new pathology service is a complex and challenging process not the least of which is designing and building a pathology laboratory and collection centres. Solutions 3 were able to turn to their consultants and specialised engineering providers to meet the safety and design requirements that we required.

Mike Norris
CEO Pathology Victoria

Case Study
Independent Rehabilitation Services

Case Study
Independent Rehabilitation Services

Independent Rehabilitation Services
Carnegie, Victoria
City of Glen Eira
3 months


We collaborated with the client onsite to optimise the value of limited drawings. As for the timeframe, our attention was on refining the front end and procurement methodology to enhance efficiency.



We had a dedicated internal onsite team overseeing operations throughout the project. Before and during the project, we applied rigorous programming and procurement methodologies. Additionally, we ensured a full-time onsite presence to manage the program and promptly address any access challenges. Our close collaboration with the client on design and value engineering was maintained throughout the project duration.

Solutions 3 were excellent to deal with. Even though the work was completed through 2021 they managed to finish on time as planned. They stayed in contact on a regular basis and it was easy to resolve any issues. The quality of their work and their follow up has been nothing but excellent. We would recommend them and use them again for future projects.

Kate Phillips
Independent Rehabilitation Services