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We deliver optimal outcomes for the Hospitality sector, focusing on construction and refurbishments of venues across Australia. Our specialisation ensures a tailored approach and value creation for all stakeholders involved. With a keen understanding of the sector’s unique requirements, we bring expertise and dedication to every project, ensuring high-quality results that enhance the guest experience and contribute to the success of the establishment.

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We understand that business shutting down means lost revenue and staff on standby. We approach our work with sensitivity to your venue’s continued operations, striving for seamless integration while maintaining a high standard of care and consideration throughout the process.

We prioritise the importance of privacy and safety, aligning our schedule and operations with the business needs. Our team is adept at ensuring the safety and convenience of your staff, going the extra mile to accommodate their needs.

Quality assurance and Project management

Our mature Quality Assurance Management System and rigorous end-to-end project management ensures that we deliver optimal outcomes regardless of how simple or complex your project might be.

We balance this with flexibility that accommodates innovation and change in order to continually improve our project delivery outcomes.

Compliance and Safety

Our compliance record is impeccable, and we always comply with all contractual and statutory obligations.

Our commitment to safety is equally rigorous and involves training, project reviews, inspections, and upgrades to safety systems and methodologies. All of our employees receive regular training to ensure they understand and adhere to our Quality Assurance and project management systems, safety systems, and relevant legislation and regulations.

Case Study
Imbibe Bar

Case Study
Imbibe Bar

Open Door Pub Company
Sydney International Airport (Airside)
8 weeks
Bar fitout


Building at Sydney Airport brought a unique set of challenges. All building materials and products were required to pass through security before being allowed airside, and strict protocols were in place to limit material deliveries to before the first flight and after the last flight, minimising disruptions to airport operations.

In addition to the logistical aspects, we needed to integrate a new bar with existing services. The architectural vision dictated that no surface or edge could be a straight line, adding intricacy to the construction process and highlighting the importance of meticulous craftsmanship.



The creative vision for Imbibe Bar necessitated a fresh approach. To achieve the unique form of the bar, we engaged a Ship Builder sub-contractor to fabricate the structure.

Given the unique location, our dedicated internal onsite team managed the project closely, implementing rigorous programming and procurement methodologies before and during the project to maintain efficiency and quality standards. Additionally, a full-time onsite presence was maintained to oversee the program and promptly resolve any access challenges that arose, ensuring smooth progress throughout the project.

We have engaged Solutions 3 in significant projects, from the initial planning and budgeting stages right through to completion. They have proven to be reliable, and quality conscious, and remain our preferred contractor.

Michael Thiele
Open Door Pub Company